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Index by specialty

of the artists quoted in diccan

Technical sorting according to the main work type developped by each artist.
Specialties by alphabetical order : animation, architecture, bio-art, calligraphy, (Tentative) order by number of "dimensions" and complexity :
1D. :
writing, music;
2D : calligraphy, painting, photography; including movement : cinema, v 3D : sculpture, objects, fabrics, architecture; including movement : Complex : bio-art, cooking, games, interaction, tools.

This classification is rather empirical. In fact, it is more and more difficult, two reasons :
- artists live and produce longer and longer (many pioneers of digital art are still among us in 2013), then driven to practice different kinds of art
- digital art, by nature, pushes to multimedia ane transmedia; we nevertheless maintain this simplistic classification, which may be useful.
We will probably make changes in the future.

Beware : the sort uses the Processing alphabetical order, where uppercase come before lowercase, and before accented lowercase ; that may result in differentces with the standard alphabetical o
After the artist name and first name, are given :
- the original country or residence country, and the continent
- the group of specialities,
- the first decade of a digital production by this artist,
- a celebrity index,
- a generativity index,
- the gender (X male, Y female, Z group or no data).

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