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Last revised 9/6/2014. Return to Major concepts. See virtual, interaction, cave, glasses, camera.

Immersion, as complete as possible, is the keyword of virtual reality. But it is not without dangers, and is not necessary in general.

- Read our communication a Laval Virtual 2013 "Immersion, from goggles to transmedia".
- A lot in Digital Storytelling. A creator's guide to interacdtive entertainment. [Miller, 2014].

Immersion is a form of human-computer interaction where the user's vision field is totally composed by generated images and frequently "surround" sound, plus possibly haptics and odors. Such an environment is obtained
- by a dedicated room (cave)
- with goggles, gloves and possibly a full suit.

Immersion is typical of virtual reality.

Beware: consraints are heavy. In some case, an excessive immersion may be dangerous:
- loss of contact with the external real worls,
- disharmony between external perception (vision) and internal (internal ear and its slant sensors, for instance),
- excessive stimulation, see for instance our note about our note about an immersive work by Kurt Hentsclhager.

Some references

- A full book by [Rose, 2011], who says for instance: "... immersiveness is what blurs the line, not just between story and game, but between story and marketing, story teller and audience, illusion and reality" (p. 15) .
- A full chapter (56 pages) in [Leloup, 2013].
< Corps et immersion, sous la direction de Catherine Bouko et Steven Bernas. L'Harmattan 2012. Alas nothing digital nor about virtual reality.




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