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L'art Génératif. Complements to the book text

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2.4. Painting and photography

Index of digital painters quoted in diccan. See in diccan painting, drawing, printing.
Index of digital photographers quoted in dicccan Photograhy item in diccan.

2.4.1. Two converging art forms

In digital art, the generative space of still images in 2 dimensions beco mes a matrix of pixels, over which can be defined multiple operations (notably filters and form generators). "Painting" and "Photographye" become only two ways of acquiring content for this space. And the two ways axe so deeply mixing that it may become difficult, if not impossible, to make the distinction.

André Malraux
Jean-Pierre Balpe, Capture
Walter Benjamin

2.4.2. Algorithmic abstraction

Harold Cohen, and his Aaron code, a major innovator in algorimthic drawing and painting.

Mauro Annunziato.
Peter Beyls his website.
Christian de Cambiaire Page Facebook
Hans Dehlinger page Generative Art.
Jean-Pierre Hébert
Vera Molnar wikipedia, personal website , notice
Ken Musgrave personal website
Roman Verostko personal website

2.4.3. Generative modelling  : Cohen ,  Csuri , Myers

Harold Cohen notice
Charles Csuri Siggraph page
Rob Myers personal website

2.4.4.  The Pollock way : John Maeda and Kurt Baumann

Kurt Baumann, his website : Artificial art
John Maeda Wikipedia, notice.
Benjamin Fry
Casey Reas.

2.4.5. More generative and sharper: Bauer, Hart, Mount, Soban

Andrej Bauer
David Hart
John Mount
Bogdan Soban

2.4.6. Photography + abstraction : Berger , Colton , Leymarie -Tresset , Townsend

Pierre Berger
Simon Colton
Frédéric Leymarie et Patrick Tresset
Mark Townsend

2.4.7. The fractal inspiration : De Celle, Monmarché, Rooke , Saint-Amant,

Lynn Margulis, invented the "symbiogenesis" process. Wikipedia.
Montmarché is mainly a scientist.

The genetic inspiration

Paul De Celle
Steven Rooke
Etienne Saint Amant