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L'art Génératif. Complements to the book text

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2.5. Cinema and animation

2.5.1. Introduction

Basically, cinema (Louis Lumière way), is based on a couple of correlated automata : camera and projector. The artist works mainly in the first phase of design (screenplay, storyboard), partly during production (filming), stronglin in editing. Then, the works escapes his ands, and the generativity, in presence of an audience, is mainly the work of the projection devices, with the aid of the projectionist.

See digital animation, cinema, television, video

About Melies, the documentation is rich. See of course Wikipedia for a start.

A dancer by Michel Bret

2.5.2. Michel Bret, artificial women

Michel Bret

2.5.3. Philippe Galanter, a thinker, but an artist also

Philippe Galanter.

2.5.4. Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau

Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau

They are mostly taken to interfaces, as show the mere title of their books :
- Interactive Art Research, with aDVD.  (Sommerer, 2009),
- The Art and Science of Interface and Interaction Design (Sommerer, 2008) (Sommerer, 2008),
- Interface Cultures, Artistic Aspects of Interaction (Sommerer, 2008).

2.5.5. Driessens  et Verstappen  : cellular automata

Erwin Driessens

Maria Verstappen.

2.5.6. Tom Demeyer  : ImX

Tom Demeyer.

2.5.7. Dave Griffiths

Dave Griffiths.

2.5.8. Joseph Nechvatal  : viral art

Joseph Nechvatal.

2.5.9. San Base  : dynamic painting

His website.

2.5.10. Douglas Edric Stanley

- Diccan notice.
- 12.00, installation around the film High Noon, of Fred Zinneman (Wikipedia)

2.5.11. Lev Manovich  : soft cinema

Lev Manovich.

2.5.12. Antoine Schmitt  : the radical transfer

Antoine Schmitt.

2.5.13. Ben Fry

Ben Fry.

2.5.14. Casey Reas

Casey Reas.

2.5.15. Anne-Sarah Le Meur

Anne-Sarah Le Meur.

2.5.16. Servovalve  : emergence


2.5.17. Alain Lioret, Beings series

Alain Lioret.

2.5.18. Troy, Watz et others, a world of animated images and sounds

Innocent Troy
Marius Watz
Jeffrey Ventrella
Jean-Claude Heudin
Scott Draves
Megan Galbraith, a disciple of John Maeda. (not Galgraith, as erroneously written in the book).
Simon Greenwold
Peter Cho
Elise Co
Rob Lovell and John Mitchell.