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My Ideas. To dig deeper.

Many of the papers or posts listed below are notes bo be completed, edited, or translated from French to English.


Design the Destiny of Mankind: Politics.

Who (or what...) decides? Or better, how are decisions taken. That is the key issue.

For the new AI, new Politics (major text) Varia (some notes)
Universal Income (short notes). Droite-Gauche (French).
Some notes at the start of Arab Springs.
Homo politicus, homo civis (a chapter of my book LILH) City (notes) . Mes combats .
Experimental democracy (notes) . Libertés (1968 paper). Obéissance (lost)
Real Time Democracy Le Monde 1971). Leisure (Short notes). Speech, Writ, Cloud .
(robotization). Prison (Notes on Hyperworld).
Maelstrom (exclusion, around 1992) . Exclusion (notes on Hyperworld)

Society, body, love, family (LILH). Sex in the Hyperworld
The future of religions . Transcendence

The Course of History: Bit Saga

History (short). History (Principles. At long)
The actual Digital World History
(from Big Bang to the 2010's. Analysis along fragmentation, autonomy, communication.
History of Digital Art

A Major Step: Mankind

(long text)
Homo sapiens (LILH) . Modelling man (short notes) Psychology (short note from Wikipedia). Death (Letter to one of my brothers) . The powerful (list of powerful persons)
A robot shares your life (short text).
What do we really want?
Gender (humor and comments) Memorial (private archive for perennity)

The next Step: Transhumanism and Singularity ?

Singularity . Allnodes (tentative panorama of beings in the transhuman world). . Luhman. Hubots. Moravec 1990 . HNH (Transhumanisme).

Varia. . Sexuality and transhumanism.

Foreword to LILH .
Note about computers (LILH). Exemples . Facts. Roadmap . Strategies.

Geology of the Saga: Underlying Concepts

Incarnation . Time

Bit . Digitization . Fragmentation . Beings . Objects . Bi-hemisphere computing, Relations/organization , Generation

Complexity . Measurement . Infinite/Continuous . Ops . Yield . Digital Relativity . Liberty . Good . Decision . Emotion . Emotion, Varia (lost ?) Transgression (program it)

Conscience (short notes) Collective conscience (short notes) The standard position
. Emotion, general views (long)

The corporation, Economics

Groupware . Articles sur le management.
Trois Livres. L'entreprise (LILH) .Orgware. La bureautique. Chomage (papier de 77) . Marchés du futur. L'emploi . Systèmes d'information .

3. Cognition and art : Truth, Representations , Language , Models, Meaning, Beauty, Art, Roxame. Creation. Un rêve.

General references

Foreword (ancient introduction)/

My written texts until 1992

Other attempts of theoretical synthesis: BitCloud . Computer Science basic concepts

My book of 1999 . L'informatique libère l'humain, la relativité digitale (L'Harmattan 1999). The book contains an extensive bibliography

Mathématiques et sciences de la nature, la singularité physique du vivant, by Francis Bailly and Giuseppe Longo (Hermann 2006).

Project of a book "la convergence" (vers 1970) . More advanced project in 1972

The global network (1963)
Computer Science Epistemology (Asti)
"Histo" Notes
L'hypermonde. Maintenant l'hypermonde


Index/Glossary of some abbreviations